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Dara Lures to the Ghost-city of Tir-na Nog’th by Iardacil:

When the moon rose and the apparition of Amber came faintly into the heavens, stars showing through it, pale halo about its towers, tiny flecks of movement upon its walls, I waited … waited on the highest crop of Kolvir, there where the three steps are fashioned, roughly, out of the stone…

When the moonlight touched them, the outline of the entire stairway began to take shape, spanning the great gulf to the point above the sea the vision city held. When the moonlight fell full upon it, the stair had taken as much of substance as it would ever possess, and I set my foot on the stone.

…If I looked too hard at any portion of the stair, it lost its shimmering opacity and I saw the ocean far below as through a translucent lens…







I think we need to clone him for future generations.

Why? I’m pretty sure that when Death comes for him, Christopher Lee will be waiting with a knife, and I’m not betting on Death in that fight.

Are you kidding? Mr. Lee and Death are old drinking buddies.

Christopher Lee just stabs Death and there’s a beat before Death goes “HEEEEYYYY how the hell have you been, you old bastard” and hugs him, the knife still buried in his back.

You bitches need to take another look at his acting credits.

For you see


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